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Books that will hopefully be in my future classroom!
Today I Feel Silly: And Other Moods That Make My Day - Jamie Lee Curtis, Laura Cornell

Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods That Make My Day by Jamie Lee Curtis is a cute book about a little girl and all of the different moods that she has. It is bright and colorful and at the end of the story it has a picture of the girls face and then little dials that allow the reader to change her facial expressions/moods. This was one of my all time favorite stories when I was little because of how fun the story was! I think this is a great book for children because it teaches them about the different emotions people deal with daily and it also shows them the proper way to handle each emotion. If I were to use this book in my future classroom I would probably do a read aloud to my students and have them show me which emotion the little girl is feeling with different emojis I have given them. After that I would have them draw themselves showing a particular emotion and then ask them to explain to me in a few sentences how they felt when they had that emotion. 


Reading Level: K-2

Lexile Level: 250L