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Books that will hopefully be in my future classroom!
Chrysanthemum - Kevin Henkes

Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes is my all time favorite children's book. As a child I could relate to Chrysanthemum because my name was also very long so I have always had a sweet connection to this book. I think that this book will be great for younger ages, and would be a great book to share one of the first few days of school. Chrysanthemum teaches children the impact that they can have on another person, and also shows them that bullying someone never works out in the end. If I were to use this in my classroom, I would use it at the beginning of the year as a intro into "name game" where all the students spell out their name and we see how many letters they all have. I could also see myself using this to study characters emotions and actions. Like I said earlier this is my favorite book so it will more than likely be one of my first purchases for my classroom!


Reading Level: K-2

Lexile Level: 460L