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Books that will hopefully be in my future classroom!
Beautiful Oops! - Barney Saltzberg

Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg is a very colorful book that includes a bunch of mistakes that are turned into something else. This book is so fun and shows children that it is 100% totally ok to make mistakes! It also has a lot of interactive parts, for example a page that is actually ripped or a part of a page that flips to show a surprise, that makes the children a lot more excited to read the book since they can play with the different parts! If I were to use this book in my classroom I would give the students a blank sheet of paper and tell them to make a mistake with the paper and then turn it into something totally new like they do in the book. I think this book would be crucial during Kindergarten and even 1st grade!


Reading Level: K-1

Lexile Level: 40L